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Core Foundation & Strength

These classes are designed to help get your core muscles firing, strong, balanced, and well-coordinated. Level 1 is safe and appropriate for all levels, including those with diastasis recti and postpartum with clearance from your healthcare provider to resume exercise. Safe does not mean easy!

Anyone who struggles with core function will benefit from this series; including athletes who may have extraordinarily strong external core muscles but lack inner core stability.

  • Protect your back and reduce low back pain
  • Make your daily activities easier and safer
  • Prepare your body to do higher level skills and activities

There are very few things that we do with our bodies that don’t involve the core! If your foundation isn’t strong, everything built on top of it will be limited by that lack of strength.

This class is more than just some core exercises. We’ll talk about the things that can get in the way of good core function and work on integrating what we learn into everyday movements.

Each level is a 4-week series. Each class will build on the one before. You will get the most benefit if you attend all 4. Classes will be recorded and be made available to all who register for the class. You can watch later if you are unable to attend, or use it to practice during the week.

Pelvic Floor Fit

Why take a pelvic floor class?

  • Experience increased pleasure during sex
  • Reduce or eliminate sneeze-pee (or jump-pee, or run-pee…)
  • Reduce or eliminate feelings of pelvic heaviness
  • Reduce or eliminate hip, SI joint, and low back pain
  • Improve core function
  • Decrease pelvic floor tightness & pain

This class is for people of all genders. We all have pelvic floors!

Pelvic floor function affects and is affected by so many other things in the body. This is a safe space, there is no judgment here.

This is a 4-week series. Each class will build on the one before. You will get the most benefit if you attend all 4.

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